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: Game Rules & Strategy
Object: The object of roulette is to place bets on the number that is spun on the roulette wheel.

Table Layout

roulette table layout

Overview: There are many types of bets in roulette, each with different payouts.

Bet Description Payout
Straight Up You can bet on any number, including 0, by placing the chip on the center of a number. 35 to 1
Split You can bet on two numbers by placing a chip on the line that divides the two numbers. 17 to 1
Street To bet on a row of three numbers (a street), place a chip on the boundary line of the roulette table, at the end of the corresponding row. 11 to 1
Corner You can bet on four numbers by placing chips at the corner where the four numbers meet. 8 to 1
Four You can bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3 by placing your chip on the boundary line, where the line between 0 and the first row intersects it. 8 to 1
Line You can bet on two street bets (i.e., the six different numbers in two rows of three numbers), by placing your chip on the boundary line of the roulette table where the line dividing the two rows intersects it. 5 to 1
Dozen You can bet on a group of twelve numbers by placing your chip in one of the three boxes marked "1st 12," "2nd 12," or "3rd 12." 2 to 1
Column There are three boxes labeled "2 to 1" at the bottom of each column of numbers. You can place bets for all numbers in a column by placing chip(s) in one of these boxes. 2 to 1
Red/Black You can place a bet in one of the boxes along the long side of the table. 1 to 1
Even/Odd You can place a bet in one of the boxes along the long side of the table. 1 to 1
High/Low You can place a bet in one of the boxes along the long side of the table. 1 to 1

As players are making bets, the dealer spins the ball in the roulette wheel. As the ball slows, the dealer will announce "No more bets". After the ball comes to rest, the dealer will place a maker on the winning number, sweep all losing bets, and pay off all winning bets.


  • Volumes have been written about this classic casino game, so I'll leave the real strategy discussion to the experts that have written books on the subject.
  • Play at a table where there is only a single zero (European Roulette) rather than at a table that had both a single and a double zero (American Roulette) because the house advantage is smaller at a single zero table.
  • Money management is an important element of playing this game, so set your win/loss limits before you play.

Online Play: There are many online sites that offer roulette. You can try roulette risk-free by utilizing the free, no-deposit welcome bonuses that are offered at many sites; if you decide to play for real, then be sure to play at a site that offers an initial deposit bonus of at least 100%.

Best Bets:

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